Delivering an outstanding customer experience to residents and their families in the senior care space is critical to maintaining and growing census, especially in the face of the continuing challenges we are seeing today.  By focusing on these top 3 ways to create an exceptional customer experience, you can improve the bottom line for your long-term care community as you build census.

Top 3 Ways to Leverage the Customer Experience to Your Bottom-Line Advantage:

  1. Create a Comprehensive Customer Experience Strategy…and Share It
    It's critical that you involve your entire organization in the planning and execution of a solid customer experience strategy-analyzing and optimizing every single touchpoint.
  2. Gather Multi-Faceted Feedback
    Feedback inquiries-both specific and open-ended-should be utilized on a regular, formal basis through a variety of interactions.  You've got to ask…and ask often.
  3. Use Technology to Enable and Speed Self-Service Information Delivery
    Senior care facilities need to incorporate technologies that allow for self-serve information-making it easier and faster for them to get answers to their questions.

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It's important to remember that an exceptional customer experience drives top-line revenue improvements and lowers costs.  Positive resident and family experiences lead to stronger and more frequent referrals as well as powerful online reviews.  The sharing of positive feedback can directly help to reduce the cost of new resident acquisition and get you the most bang for your marketing bucks.  The bottom line is that when residents and their families feel they are being heard and appreciated, they are more willing to pay premium prices for services and are more likely to remain loyal to your facility.   


How's Mom Can Help Improve Your Customers' Experience…
The How's Mom app and Hub enable organizations to streamline feedback solicitation and communication with residents and family members with a full suite of tools, including chart views, mass notifications, visit planning, family feedback and more. This convenient software makes family communication a powerful-and easily manageable-tool for improving customer experiences and building census.