Step-by-Step Guide

Activate How's Mom in PointClickCare

PCC Marketplace Activation Activate a new Application (Partner)

This quick reference guide provides the steps required to activate and deactivate How's Mom from inside your PointClickCare instance.

Complete your request to enable the How's Mom integration to PointClickCare.  Please note the correct menu location depends on whether you have a Single Facility or Multi-Facility setup in PCC.

  • 1. Login to PointClickCare

  • 2. Go to one of the following:

    • Single facility:  Home > Marketplace > Manage Integrations.

    • Multi-facility: Management Console > Home > Manage Integrations.

  • 3. Click Activation Request

  • 4. Complete the following:

    Legal Organization Name - Type your legal organization name at the time of submitting the application activation request.

    Application - Select an application -
    Choose How's Mom.

    Select facilities to activate the application - Select the facilities in which the application is installed.

    Title - Type the title of the authorized requester.

    • Which email would like to be notified at? - Type email address. This email is used for communication regarding this request.

    Requested By -Type the first and surname of the requester. The requester must be an authorized signer for your organization.

    Health Care Provider - Type the Health Care Provider name.

    • Please read and agree to the Terms of Agreement to continue - Read the Terms of Agreement and click Accept.

  • 5. Click Submit

Expect up to 5 days for PCC to complete the activation of your requested integration.

PCC Activation - Role Authorization Assign Application Activation Security

In PointClickCare, the How's Mom requester must have authority to complete the request.  If you need to assign the requisite security level before you complete application activation, follow these steps.

  • 1. Login to PointClickCare

  • 2. Go to one of the following:

    Single facility:    Admin > Setup > Security Roles.
    Multi-facility:  Management Console > Standards > Financial Management > Security Roles.

  • 3. Assign system security role:

    Authorized Vendor Application Purchaser (NOTE: For multi-facility organizations, you must also have access to the Management Console.)

    -> Click users

    -> Select applicable user(s)

    -> Click Save

  • 4. Apply security updates:

    To immediately apply security updates to users currently logged in, scroll to the bottom of Security Roles and click clicking here.

Need More Integration Help?

Click here to download a PDF of this guide or to see Deactivation instructions.

Want How's Mom to guide you through the PointClickCare activation process?  Contact our Support team.

For PointClickCare Customers How the Integration Works

  • pcc

    Chart, Contacts and Residents Data Integration

    The How's Mom platform automatically synch family and resident contacts stored in PointClickCare and enables your facility to invite family contacts to enjoy the connections through the How's Mom app.

  • Hows-Mom-appicon

    The How's Mom™ app

    The How's Mom app is used by families to keep tabs on their loved one and interact with your staff.  Families download the free How's Mom app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • hows-mom-hub-sq

    How's Mom Connections Hub

    One control center to manage your family interactions, automatically synch family contacts with your EHR and share vitals, meds & more with family.