Step-By-Step Guide

Activate How's Mom with MatrixCare

For MatrixCare Customers Activate the How's Mom Integration

This quick reference guide provides the steps required to activate How's Mom on your MatrixCare software. To get your MatrixCare data flowing to How's Mom, follow these simple steps:
  • 1. Contact your MatrixCare Account Manager
  • 2. Complete a MatrixCare SOW adding ADT integration to your agreement
  • 3. MatrixCare technical support will then enable the How's Mom integration and notify us of your access key

The setup may take 1-2 weeks and requires a one-time fee per facility payable to MatrixCare.

For MatrixCare Customers How the Integration Works

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    ADT Data Integration

    How's Mom automatically updates family and resident contacts stored in MatrixCare

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    The How's Mom™ family app

    The How's Mom app is used by families to keep tabs on their loved one and interact with your staff.  Families download the free How's Mom app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android devices.

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    How's Mom Connections Hub

    One control center to manage your family interactions and automatically synch family contacts with your EHR.