Why We Do This

About How's Mom


The How's Mom mission is to help our senior care accounts improve family interactions and create better customer experiences with our software.


Why How's Mom?

From a Long-Term POA

I spent many months driving 2 hours back and forth to my mother's care center just to keep tabs on her vitals and get basic updates.  I often arranged my visits to time a meeting with the right doctor, to ask the right question, and to get info about medications and upcoming appointments.

I lived the difficulties and felt the stress present at both the facility and family ends of these communications.  Luckily, I stumbled upon Matt Prasek - who was implementing How's Mom at my mother’s facility.

In short order, I experienced first-hand the benefits of the platform, and signed on to help Matt build our company beyond its Indiana roots.


Doug Wilcox, CEO

Why How's Mom?

A Grandson's Experience

My grandfather suffered a serious injury while I was in college, and I spent countless hours at his nursing home, working with his caregivers.  As a student I felt bad constantly badgering facility staff for updates and more information.

I'm always looking for a "better way" and started researching senior care communication tools for my entrepreneurship class.  My senior project was named Best New Venture at Ball State, and I started How's Mom shortly thereafter.

Since much of what I sought to do didn't exist, we've had to open many doors to create the platform you can experience today. Its been a rewarding effort to bring connections to families living what I went through.


Matt Prasek, CPO