The Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line Through Customer Experience


The Customer Experience is the NEW Marketing.

Satisfied customers are great, in that they are happy to remain at your senior care facility, but what residents and their families say and recommend to others-especially in today's strongly connected online world-can make or break your facility's success.

Top 3 Ways to Leverage the Customer Experience to Your Bottom-Line Advantage:

  1. Create a Comprehensive Customer Experience Strategy…and Share It
  2. Gather Multi-Faceted Feedback…and Keep It Going
  3. Offer Self-Service Information Delivery with Technology…and Make It Easily Accessible

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Remember…An Exceptional Customer Experience:

  • Drives top-line revenue improvements and lowers costs.  
  • Leads to stronger and more frequent referrals as well as powerful online reviews.  
  • Directly helps to reduce the cost of new resident acquisition. 
  • Can give you the most bang for your marketing bucks.  
  • Reduces the frequency and length of in-person contacts with staff-enabling caregivers to spend more quality time on residents' care.   
  • Draws customers who are more likely to remain loyal to your facility…and tell others about it.


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