Try Out Our Family Experience!

Demo Our How's Mom App

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Click the hotspots on the live demo to see how your family contacts can connect with your facility!

  • settings

    Control What Family Contacts See

    Your facility can choose which features to share with family

  • sync

    Sync Family Contacts

    How's Mom can be provided to family contacts from your EHR

  • security

    HIPAA Compliant and Secure

    Fully integrated with your EHR

Try out these family connections!

  • directory

    Facility Directory

    Share contacts with family

  • feedback

    Family Feedback

    Capture family reviews directly

  • meetings

    Appointment Scheduler

    Let family self-schedule their visits 

  • phi

    Chart View:
    Meds, Vitals, Conditions, Nutrition

    Enable concerned family to keep tabs on their loved ones

  • notifications

    Mass Notifications

    Share COVID updates, key announcements and more