How does your facility's Customer Experience (CX) stack up?

A positive customer experience for residents and families increases ratings and improves reviews.  These critical factors heavily influence prospective residents during their long-term care searches.  Do you know how your residents and their families perceive your facility?

Why it matters

With healthcare consumerism at an all-time high, the customer experience in healthcare is more important than ever. Companies like Amazon and Apple have thrived in the twenty-first century by providing top-notch experiences that reliably anticipate customer needs - and deliver. Those same expectations are spilling over into healthcare.

  1. Businesses that deliver better customer experiences obtain revenues between 4% and 8% above their market. By keeping your residents and their families happy, you help maximize your revenue. Good communication is crucial to make your residents feel at ease and satisfied with your services.
  2. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. People appreciate personalized services that go one step further.
  3. 44% of US consumers switch to a competitor following a poor customer service experience.  When your services aren’t up to snuff, residents may seek another facility. Factors that can negatively affect customer experience in your facility include poor communication with your staff, or difficulty in obtaining information.
  4. 95% of customers share bad experiences that they have with a business, which means a single blunder in resident communication can cause collateral damage to your facility. Make sure all your resident and family inquiries are handled with respect and in an expedient manner.
  5. An average American shares a poor customer experience with at least 15 people.  Unfortunately, people are less likely to share their positive experiences than bad ones. However, if you deliver consistent high-quality services to your residents, your efforts will be rewarded.

What can you do?

Collect resident and family feedback

Without collecting resident and family feedback, you are blindly guessing at what they want and what will succeed. You need a strategy and platform on which to create a persistent, unified source of customer truth.

Create a stellar digital experience

Caregiving and marketing teams can no longer deliver static consumer experiences. They need to deliver stellar digital experiences that are informative, deliver value and convenience and the information residents and families want in real-time.

While it’s important to have new and innovative caregiving technologies and techniques to care for residents, it’s equally important to find innovative ways to provide a better resident experience. This will help improve your competitive standing, cultivate loyalty with your prospective resident base and achieve a workable return on your overall marketing investment.

How's Mom Can Help

The How’s Mom app and Connections Hub enable organizations to streamline feedback solicitation and communication with residents and family members, with a full suite of tools, including chart views, mass notifications, visit planning, family feedback and more. This convenient software makes family communication a powerful – and easily manageable – tool for improving customer experiences.

Ready to improve your Customer Experience?  Contact us today to learn how the How’s Mom app and Connections Hub can help.