How TLC Management Improved Operations, Enhanced Care Delivery, and Increased Satisfaction by Doing ONE THING

It is said that every journey begins with a single step.

Like so many other organizations, TLC Management—a family-owned, skilled nursing chain—was experiencing challenges along their journey of providing the very best care to their residents and their families.  Their challenges revolved around staffing, and they targeted 3 goals to accomplish:

  1. Increase communication with families, residents, and staff.
  2. Free up nurses from time-consuming administrative tasks and shift their focus back to resident care.
  3. Ensure Cures Act compliance through access to—and transparency of—medical records.

TLC Management needed to make an impactful change in their care journey. They needed a technology-based solution that ideally would be a one-stop, all-inclusive endeavor that could seamlessly integrate with their current operations.

Their choice: How’s Mom

How’s Mom is an automated, self-service family connections platform with powerful EHR integration capabilities.  The benefits they saw from making this one change transformed the experiences of the staff and the residents in a way they could only imagine.

Beginning the Journey with How’s Mom

  • Implementation. The onboarding of staff was smooth and painless—with staff being up to speed on app usage in under an hour.
  • Business Development. The app served as a a valuable tool for their marketing and admissions staff, with prospects and new admissions excited to learn about the free platform and its benefits.
  • Family Participation. Family members were able to easily enroll directly from the electronic medical records (EMR), without extra steps from staff, and appreciated the easy, user-friendly access to data.

The Results of Making the Journey with How’s Mom

  • Improved Care Delivery. The number of basic inquiries from family members decreased—reducing staff time spent on the phone—and an increase in time focused on resident care.
  • Ensured Compliance. The app served as an answer to the new Cures Act legislation and enabled them to comply with the mandated patient access to health data which in turn, fostered better care management.
  • More Meaningful Customer Service. Communicating with families through the app allowed for growth in transparency, trust, and engagement between family members and staff.