Customer Experience defined

Gartner defines customer experience (CX) as "The customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products."  Sound difficult?  It doesn't need to be - and the effort is worth it.

The field of customer experience management is on the rise — and there’s no sign of it stopping. More than 5,000 organizations worldwide now have a dedicated CX leader, nearly half of whom report to the CEO.

“This increasing level of CEO oversight shows the importance of CX to the bottom line, hence the need for measurement,” says Ed Thompson, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner.

Good CX transforms your bottom line

A solid Customer Experience can increase revenue and reduces costs. Satisfied residents and family members become advocates for your communities. That makes your marketing job easier and boosts the bottom line.  Developing and executing a sound CX strategy doesn't need to be difficult.

Start with these 5 CX targets

Customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Most organizations start here. CSATs are the most traditional metric that can involve either the explicit capture of survey questions asking about satisfaction or implicit metrics, such as product review ratings, open-ended comments or the most common:  Net Promoter Score (NPS).

How’s Mom Delivers:

  • Customer satisfaction tracking through NPS and Family Feedback

Customer loyalty and retention

These metrics can be retrospective, such as average tenure, or more predictive of the likelihood of a customer remaining a customer.   Regular communication and on-demand data access go above and beyond family member expectations.

How’s Mom Delivers:

  • Regular and easy family communication
  • Self-service data access


How willing are family members to recommend or endorse your organization? Price sensitivity, sentiment scores on social media, trust ratings and event participation are all good examples.  Going above and beyond in family interactions matters.

How’s Mom Delivers:

  • On-demand data access exceeds family member expectations


When a service does not meet requirements, the customer experience is poor, no matter what actions are taken to remediate the problem.  Good service also reduces the number of in-person interactions between staff and family members, which makes more time for care giving.

How’s Mom Delivers:

  • Reduced family in-person contacts = more time for care giving
  • One How’s Mom client saved 22.5 minutes of nursing time for every family inquiry by using the How’s Mom app

Employee engagement

This target is included in perhaps only 10% of CX initiatives. A Gartner survey identified employee engagement as a major concern in delivering CX improvements, with 86% of organizations ranking it as having an equal or greater impact than other CX challenges.

How’s Mom Delivers:

  • With more time to focus on care, staff stress is reduced and engagement goes up.
  • “I’d pay for this app out of my own pocket if my facility stopped using it.” - Caregiver

Present a consolidated view

Organizations turning to CX management must first define what CX means to the organization and then decide how to measure it. Measuring the customer experience has multiple purposes, depending on the maturity of the organization. The purpose might be to move from a measurement “anarchy,” where each team or department measures in isolation, to a state where measuring is an aid to an overall CX performance improvement.

Start simple:  Track NPS and gather family feedback.

The How’s Mom app offers 2 important metrics that facilities can implement today through our Family Feedback feature.  It’s easy to start gathering important customer experience data and sharing it with the entire team across the organization.

Good CX delivers for your facilities

There’s tremendous upside in improving your Customer Experience.  The investment in time and effort is well worth it.  Good CX offers a wide range of top and bottom-line benefits:

  • Top-line revenue improvements and lowers costs
  • Stronger and more frequent referrals and powerful online reviews
  • Greater resident and family loyalty
  • Lower cost of new resident acquisition
  • Shorter and less frequent in-person staff contacts—enabling caregivers to spend more quality time on residents’ care

How’s Mom’s Can Help

The How's Mom app and Connections Hub enable organizations to streamline feedback solicitation and communication with residents and family members with a full suite of tools, including chart views, mass notifications, visit planning, family feedback and more. Our convenient software makes family communication a powerful-and easily manageable-tool for improving customer experiences and building census.


  • Elevate family and resident satisfaction by delivering accurate health information in real time
  • Improve staff efficiency and retention by eliminating additional processes and creating better workflows
  • Share chart details and exceed Cures Act patient access rules
  • Document compliance with CMS communication rules in your EHRs progress notes
  • Reduce risk through accurate and consistent communication with residents and family members
  • Cut expenses with a simplified tech stack and fewer administrative tasks

Download our free Customer Experience Resource Guide to gain a greater understanding of:

  • How the families of residents play a key role in their experience
  • The emerging customer experiences essential to building up census