Staff retention continues to be a challenge to all professionals in the senior living and care space.  And while there is no one magic bullet that will solve these challenges, there are specific technology-based actions you can start taking right now that will empower your staff to increase their efficiency in performing their jobs while at the same time reducing their job-related stress and improving their work experience. In turn, your facility can achieve higher levels of staff retention.

It all starts with these 3 steps…

  • Step One: Use EHRs.
    EHR technology can limit repetitive tasks such as cataloging and communicating patient information by providing a single source of truth for all employees.
  • Step Two: Simplify Data Access.
    You can control the increased time and energy spent on new staff training by simplifying data access and reducing the number of systems or activities that require this training.  
  • Step Three: Automate Access to Patient Data.
    Technology can dramatically reduce non-care activities by automating access to relevant patient data and empowering family members to serve themselves.   

Download Your Detailed 3-Step Action Plan NOW

By leveraging today’s available technology, you can decrease employee stress, reduce repetitive tasks, maximize their time, and ultimately retain them as loyal employees.

How’s Mom Can Help with These 3 “Take-Now” Actions…

The How’s Mom convenient, easy-to-use software makes communication a powerful – and easily manageable – tool in replacing repetitive tasks for staff, improving customer experiences, and building census.

The How’s Mom app and Connections Hub: 

  • Directly connects and communicates with a community’s EHR
  • Provides an easy, intuitive way to share data with family members and caregivers.
  • Puts key patient data and caregiver contact information in the palms of family members’ hands.