How One Company Dramatically Streamlined Communications-Resulting in a 99% Reduction of Staff Hours and More Quality Time Focused on Patient Care

When EmpRes Healthcare Management, LLC-a family of companies dedicated to seniors' individualized care-found itself faced with the never-before-experienced challenges of managing COVID communications, they also found themselves struggling.

With more than 80 locations and 5,000 employees, EmpRes' COVID-related communications quickly became an overwhelming, time-consuming task for staff members.   They needed to maintain the highest level of communication while balancing the crush of incoming calls with the responsibility of reporting resident incidents to family members.

Streamlining communication processes and procedures was no longer a "nice-to-have" undertaking but a "need-to-have" responsibility.

EmpRes began their transformative journey by implementing How's Mom's automated, self-service communication platform that integrates with EHRs-in 12 of their communities, collecting new communication data and comparing that to another 12 communities that did not have How's Mom.

One of the eye-popping results revealed an average of 4 minutes per incident in the application and no time creating progress notes in Point Click Care (PCC). Compared to the previous average of 14 minutes per phone call and 7 minutes creating progress notes, it was obvious that what they had done was a game changer. A deeper dive into the data revealed a shocking 99% decrease in labor costs as related to communications.

And while saving time nearly always translates in saving money, the direct and undeniable impact on staff and the ability to give them back labor hours that can be more effectively spent on direct patient care was key.  They now had the ability to redirect time previously spent on the phone and reports to the care of residents-something so truly core to their organization.

When a Game Changer Becomes a No Brainer…

The results EmpRes experienced couldn't possibly be clearer: How's Mom was a game changer…and further implementation across the organization was a no brainer.