NPS = get your QAPI feedback fast, easy and frequently

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys – simple 2-question surveys – are an ideal way of adding nuanced data to your community’s Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs. The simplicity and quick-response nature of NPS surveys make it easy for family members and residents to share feedback on the facility and their caregivers.

What’s NPS?

NPS surveys include two simple questions:

  1. A 1-10 rating scale that asks how likely a respondent is to tell a friend about a service or service provider.
  2. An open-ended “What can we do better?” question.

These 2 simple questions provide an opportunity to quickly provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve the care they receive.  The NPS methodology makes it possible to gather critical feedback very quickly.  That allows communities to quickly turn the feedback into actionable change that’s timely and provides the responsiveness families and residents expect.

Immediate feedback improves QAPI programs

NPS surveys can be an invaluable tool for long term care facilities in their QAPI programs. By regularly collecting and analyzing data on resident and family satisfaction when it’s relevant and top of mind, facilities can identify areas of improvement, develop strategies to address any issues, and benchmark their performance against other long term care facilities. NPS surveys can help long term care facilities provide the highest quality of care and ensure that their residents are satisfied with the care they receive.

How’s Mom can help

The How’s Mom app embeds an NPS survey in the Family Feedback tool.  In just a few taps, family members and residents can share critical real-time feedback.  The How’s Mom Connections Hub displays aggregate NPS data and individual comments to administrators, care teams and line management for easy analysis and response.

Are you ready to add NPS scores to your QAPI program?  Request a demo today to learn how How’s Mom can help.