Say “Hello!” to the new and improved How’s Mom Family App!

We are excited to announce the arrival of the latest edition of the How’s Mom Family App.  We’ve completely redesigned the user interface to put key data at your family members’ fingertips. That key data is now expanded to include even more resident information! The new app also lets family members expand their loved ones’ circle of care with Invitations and keep track of more than one resident.  The new and improved How’s Mom Family App is more powerful and easier to use than ever!

New App User Interface

We’ve completely redesigned the user experience of the How’s Mom Family App to make it even easier for family members to access their loved one’s most important care information.  Each tile on the App’s home page leads directly to specific vital statistics, care information and much more with one tap.  Family members can find the data they need quickly and easily.

Expand residents’ circle of care

Invitations allow family members to expand the number of people who have access to their loved ones’ critical information.  Users can invite other family members to use the App.  They can also invite care givers – both inside and outside your community – to the App.  These invitations allow the new users to access resident data, receive notifications and communicate with other users from within the App.  Everyone who has a vested interest in residents’ care can stay connected and informed through the App.  Management of invitations is easy for community staff, as well.  The How’s Mom Connections Hub interface makes user approval and profile management a breeze.

Deliver a broader mix of resident information

The CURES Act requires communities to provide a wide range of resident information to family members.  The new How’s Mom Family App delivers all of these required data quickly and easily – pulling information directly from the EHR.  No manual intervention is required of community staff members.  New data available to family members include:

  • Allergies
  • Care Team (practitioners)
  • Care Plans
  • Immunizations
  • Radiology Results
  • Lab Reports
  • Diagnostic Report Files
  • Activities of Daily Living
    • Resident events
    • Social events

The new App puts more data in family members’ hands than any other communication tool available.  The easy to use app allows communities to comply with the CURES Act with no additional staff effort.

Schedule a Demo

The new How’s Mom Family App makes life easier for community staff and expands the ability for family members to engage in their loved ones’ care.  Ready to provide the app to your residents’ family members?  Contact us today!